The ECN2 EcoSystem

A Scalable and performing trading infrastructure

OTC Products

Seamlessly integrated and deploy-ready to allow direct connection with the most popular with OTC portals, and streaming of custom liquidity landscapes from major Forex aggregators and Multilateral Trading Facilities

Exchange Based Derivatives

Provide customers direct market access, order routing and execution to the most liquid global Futures Exchanges and execution venues across the globe or connect to proprietary fix gateways, market data vendors and other liqudity venues.

Data Services

The ECN2 Data Cloud, part of the BrokerSuite, is an high performance cloud based solution, to broadcast customized liquidity landscapes to end users, allowing your customers to trade and auto-trade on multiple asset classes through a single screen.


Fully Scalable

Configurable either as high-frequency, ultra low latency system or internet application, the trading system interconnects via FIX standard protocol with the matching engine of the underlaying trading technology.

BS WebClient

The BS WebClient is an API wrapper which enhance user interaction through your corporate website with the ECN2 Ecosystem. By consuming the ECN2 API you can develop custom applications by adding few lines of code.

Lead Exchange (Leadex)

Manage with ease your entire marketing cycle and sales team. Leadex is the only sales module developed around the unique needs of a brokerage. View real time sales, manage your compensation to brokers and affiliates.

Market Connectors & Custom Applications

Configurable either as high-frequency, ultra low latency system or internet application, the Fusion Ecosystem interconnects with the matching engine of the underlying trading technology either via FIX standard protocol or proprietary technology.

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Ecn2 Fusion

Flexible, Scalable, Complete.

ECN2 Fusion is the core messaging broker and data collector. Upon creation of single or multiple persistent Data-source connection gateways, system administrators can easily generate custom data-feeds, and define for each custom rules. Build for scalability, every function can be customized, including trading routes to market data collection collection. Trader Accounts and trading groups generated through the BrokerSuite will follow the data-feed rules, so you can define which clients can connect directly to the liquidity venue (DMA trading Mode), trades and connection through the service (Internalized Execution, or execute through fusion authority (Master Execution).

Trade Reporting.

o your needs. Trader Accounts and trading groups generated through the BrokerSuite will follow the datafeed rules. Thus you can define which clients can connect directly to the liquidity venue (DMA Mode), trades and connection through the service.

Real Time Data-Sources

Connect to your trading datasources with ease. Supported technologies include most popular

Social Streams

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Quandl & Fred Plugin

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Multiple Assets and Venues. One System.


Exchange Based Derivatives

Provide your trading clientele with DMA, order routing and execution to the most liquid global Futures Exchanges the Americas the EMEA regions and Asia.


Over the Counter Trading Products

Fusion structure facilitate seamless integration with most OTC portals, Forex Aggregators, Multilateral Trading Facilities and Binary dealing rooms.


Any Fix Destination or Proprietary engine

While the ECN2 Core engine is built around the FIX standard protocol, it can be easily integrated with proprietary APIs and services.


Market Data and custom Streams

Take your brokerage business to the next level, by offering your clientele a professional trading and analytic tool.

ECN2 Trader

One Screen. Endless possibilities

ECN2 Trader™ is an award winning trading platform designed around the unique needs of the most evolute and diverse trading community. Whether you day-trade manually or through automated strategies, Pathfinder features many advanced tools that can help you achieve your trading goals. Designed as a flexible front-end capable to connect simultaneosuly to multiple data and execution streams, the system can be deployed either as an ultra low latency system or internet application. Orders that can be executed via one click feature or through automated strategies, are processed by the data manager API and directed to the corresponding API without using server bridges, thus eliminating layers of latency.

Algo Trading

ECN2 TraderAPI is a fix compliant, low latency- cross asset solution designed for industry professionals. The advantages of developing around the ECN2 API is quite simple: By performing a single quick implementation, your traders will able to access and trade multiple instruments including entire set of Forex ECNs, electronic futures and other financial products. Once Integrated, your customer will be able to send complex orders to multiple pools of liquidity simultaneously, by instructing the API to execute on a specific data feed by adding a single line of code.


The Only CRM entirely built around the unique needs of your brokerage

Lead Management System

Manage your brokerage sales cycle, through complex Admin assignment rules and expiration sets. Import, distribute and reassign leads and clients to your sales team, in one click.

Campaign & Affiliate Engine

Optimize your marketing efforts through campaigns subordinated to your allocation rules. Realtime analtyics, will help evaluating market penetration. The engine will manage reports and payments to your affiliates.

Solid Reporting & Analytics

Trade Confirmations are parsed by the system and displayed as custom reports or through the Admin dashboard. Compensation reports are calculated in real time and showed on a client allocation role.

Communication Center

Provide the utmost support to your clients. Use the professional web editor to schedule and centralize automated mailings or to interact and chat with your clients logged onto the trading platform.

Automate Your Operation

Derived from the same algo-logics engine in use by the trading client, the Auto-Task role interacts with the BrokerSuite API to generate role based actions. Any "human-alike" action can be automated through the system.

Efficent Risk-Management

Display real-time risk calculation and evaluate clients Exposure with ease. The risk monitor can easily interact with the Automated tasks engine, to create customized surveillance levels and actions.

The BS WebClient Boosts Interaction & Creates a Solid Customer-Broker Relationship. Guaranteed.

Built as an integral part of Fusion, the WebClient is a web-wrapper built around and ECN2 API. By including the libraries and the sample scripts provided, your firm will be able to use a centralized solution covering all your needs, and totally integrated with your CRM. Development of new modules or integration of your existing technology interacting with the system, can be achieved in most cases by adding few lines of code.

  • Customizable Registration Process & Digital Signature
  • Integrated Compliance Reporting and KYC management
  • Campaign and marketing integration for BrokerSuite.
  • Real-Time support from your Site/Platform to BrokerSuite
  • Department and Admin based Issue Management System
  • Customer Protected Area/ Account/Deposit Withdrawals
  • User and Subscription Management


Build a strong presence without the costs. Our custom solutions fits any budget.

Basic Distributed Cloud

Premium as a Service

Broker Self-Hosted

Distribution Environment

Deploy your private trading ecosystem in few steps, Host your ecosystem withing our distribution cloud, subscribe the software as a service, or fully deploy on your private cloud.




Leadex Full Cycle Management

Manage your sales more efficiently. The only lead management developed with the broker in mind. Create and manage campaigns, fully automate the lead management conversion process.


A customization package which goes beyond the software name, to make your business unique. Upon licensing terms, you can have multiple white labeled versions connecting to your system.

Custom Liquidity and Datafeed

A Solution fully integrated to your prime and your technology. Manage and create multiple data-feeds. Includes the historical server to collect and distribute your own market data.

Web Suite Integration

Integrate your business operations with the BrokerSuite. A package to fully automate your operations including, demo registration, online application integration, automatic account setup and more.

Custom App-Store

Create your own marketplace and distribute custom apps fully integrated with the trading platform.



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